How to install the Ups in order to protect the server and important hardware against power surges and to keep power on when there is a short power outage

The ups is a very important piece of hardware. Read the manual to get more info about operation.

For the email notifications when there is an event to say on which server the event takes place make sure that in email config of the UPS software (view power);

- CHANGE the client name in the user name (see pic email setup) 

- Add in recipient list the e mail adress of the client contact person (should be the same as the email adress in we fact)

With just the dell server installed the UPS keeps the server running for over 10 minutes.

When the battery of the UPS is running low the UPS software will automaticly shut down the server.

Emidiatly when the UPS looses power a email wil be send from mail adres to the in the software added email recipients (default 

When the server is shut down by the UPS software it wil also send a email to the recipients